Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fun with Hair

So today I put on some dangly earrings. And for some reason, hair down just wasn't working.
I pulled it up and it actually turned out! Whoa that never happens for me.
I'm serious. Once I was working with this way cute guy named Landon. I tried so hard one day to look nice for him.
He was kind of poetic. When he saw me he started singing. Unfortunately it was a song that goes,
"Her hair is always a mess."

Oh well! I tried. But recently I have been pulling up You Tube videos with some brilliant hair stylists. I have learned so much from these hair artists.

So today I used some products from Aveda and Redken and Kiehls. I am not sure I spelled those right. I think I used Aveda Pure Abundance, Redken heat styling stuff, and Kiehls groom cream. I blew out my hair, then just barely round brushed. Then a straightener, then a low pony tail. Then just rolled up a few sections, bobby pinned and sprayed.

The feathers mean I'm feeling shy!

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