Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why Such a Lazy Blogger?

Ici, Chez Tiffany. I think that is French for "Here, the house of Tiffany". Please correct if you are French (unless it is perfect of course).
Many hours of my time are devoted to beautifying and cleaning my home. After all, home shelters the soul and protects the body from the elements, so it deserves lots of attention.
Also very exciting to me is that after long sessions with the phone book looking for someone to take care of my yard, I have finally found what appears to be a reliable landscaper. If you are looking for an excuse to celebrate, you have just located one. The front of my yard may look innocuous, but the backyard is home to two beautiful but overgrown bougainvilleas that I am sure the neighbors abhor.
This house is named Santa Barbara. There are two reasons: 1) When I was very small I was obsessed with a soap opera called Santa Barbara. I watched it with my Grandpa when my family spent summers on his and my grandmother's farm in Oregon. It was the best soap opera ever! 2) The actress in Santa Barbara was Robin Wright, and she also played Buttercup in "The Princess Bride". When I first moved into this house, I was reading a little bit of The Princess Bride, because my brother got me the book. It is a very good book. The association of Buttercup and Santa Barbara formed in my mind. Then, Santa Barbara, California also looks like a beautiful place to live.
Ici, Santa Barbara, Chez Tiffany.

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Lyndsay said...

I can't wait to see your newly-painted furniture, and the backyard (which I don't know if I have ever officially been in...)!