Sunday, March 9, 2008

This Is a Really Good Movie

Many of you may recognize this photo. It is the ending of the movie "The Mummy". Rick and Evelyn have just escaped the perilous grip of Hamunaptra. Basically it is a sand volcano.
I like this movie because when I was in school I did a study abroad program, and we went to Egypt on spring break. It is a land of enchantment, and when you leave you can never, ever forget it. Even if you almost get eaten by a sand volcano. I didn't, but still.
So when I watch this movie, it reminds me of being in Egypt. Plus, Evelyn is a librarian, and possibly influenced me (in a subliminal way) to go to library school.


Lyndsay said...

I referenced The Mummy 2 tonight when Wes was talking about scorpions that are 10 feet long. And I said "LIKE IN THE MUMMY 2?!" And everyone laughed, but I knew you would be proud. :)

Love you, Tiff!

Lyndsay said...

Dear Tippay,
As your ally :) I ask you to post a new post...PLEASE.

Clips on Thursday, I hope.