Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Two Favorite Puppies + Two Naughty Bunnies + What Every Room Needs

Theo and Pepper find this wicker nightstand so tasty.

"The perfect companions never have fewer than four feet".
-Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance

Red Mountain Park is not far from where I live. It's a lovely natural reserve. Going there with Libby and Koda in the early morning is one of my favorite things to do.

Koda may eat some strange things, but she likes her linens clean and fluffy.

Maybe doggie bags aren't what everyone asks for Christmas, but I was very excited to find these in my stocking. It really makes clean up fun. (I'm serious).

Alert puppies!

I found this cute entry from my 7th grade boyfriend after rescuing my yearbook from my bunnies.

Bunnies devouring my 7th grade year book.

Some French guy said, "A room without red is like a woman without lipstick."

Okay, so the French men like their women to have lipstick on, but anyways I like this quote so much I added red flowers to this room. Or maybe I just like red.


Kristin Pattison said...

Would this be Todd Palmer?? I love the old CJH year book! We should take pics and post more of these bubble-lettered notes..

Tiffany M. said...

Yes, it would be Todd Palmer...I hope he doesn't mind. :) If only I could find our original Angel video and post it. Classic. But I think it is lost forever....(sigh)

Lyndsay said...

I think my kitchen is wearing A LOT of lipstick...

And that picture of "fluffity Koda" is so sweet. They love you more than me. I'm OK with that. You totally pamper them. Koda is currently sleeping on the laundry room floor in a little fleece bed that is 3 years too small for her. Libby stole the bog poofy puppy bed. Poor Koda. :)

Lyndsay said...

big...not "bog"

Tiffany M. said...

I was just thinking it would have been so great if I could have started my papers in college with, "Some French guy said....."
Save me so much time looking up citations!