Monday, July 6, 2009

B E A utiful Burbank

Not all who wander are lost.

JRR Tolkien

Walking is one of those simple pleasures in life..... well, it depends. Trudging through the hot desert in an effort to enjoy the outdoors is a bit different than strolling along a green, lush avenue filled with flowers and fountains. Add music, and you have one enchanted morning ahead of you.
Friendly fish fountain at City Hall, located on Olive Street in downtown Burbank.
I guess everybody is impressed with my ability to craftily balance my camera on the car of a perfect stranger, run across the street, and pose, all in the ten seconds my self-timer takes to flash. The houses in Burbank are sooooooo pretty.
Lynn had a bad night, but you would never know it.... unless you caught her yawning.
Lynn is in the back seat, entertaining us throughout the enter drive..... you should hear her "frog with the cane" interpretation.
Driving through Beverly Hills.... a boy could get used to it.
Finn likes to hold hands in the car, and I really like to hold hands with him.
The camera adds ten pounds.... or was it thirty? I guess a lot depends on lighting and angle, as this picture proves.
Easter Friends are to me what traveling gnomes are to Amelie. Here, they are enjoying sleeping in at the hotel while I am getting dressed.
The cutest Little Bo Peep I have ever seen.
After a while, we were starting to get paparazziish and it can be distressing to have a flash going off in your face repeatedly.
Oh the pretty footwear.
Ah, ah, Beautiful is the mother, ah, ah, beautiful is her child....

Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella
"What is all the fuss about?" Maya might be thinking. She does not know how pretty she is.
The next few photos were all taken by this clever little boy who can fully work a camera at the advanced age of 2.

"The apple has not fallen altogether far from the tree"

....... me

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy: Finn's Photo Shoot! (and excuse the hideous pictures of me... I was cooking very hard and this does not always lend itself to a soft, powdered nose).

End of Finn Photo Shoot!

I can now readily attest that Wesley and Lyndsay have chosen a fair and lovely landscape to settle in. Although I mourn their absence, I am glad they are so sweetly situated, and that I get to visit them, and dine with the stars ( well, just one so far, whom I screamed very loudly in front of as I was being propelled into the top of a tree by a very strong man while sitting on a tiny disc).

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

- Mark Twain


Kristin Pattison said...

I loved the pics! I think the first one of you alone in your burbank stroll is one of your best!

Tiffany M. said...

Thanks KE! I mean KP!
Its so nice to see flowers and trees and stuff.

Jayme said...

Tiff-Glad you enjoyed your trip...would love to hear more about the famous person you "dined" with!