Saturday, November 7, 2009

For Me This is Heaven

On a Sunday she thought it through.
The haze clears from your eyes, on a Sunday.

Jimmy Eat World

I don't have any reason for blogging about this album other than, this album wants me to blog about it. I was reading the lyrics tonight, and I tried to put them away, but they didn't want to be put away.
That's so Neil Gaiman. Or maybe even Lemony Snickett. You know, when inanimate objects seem to take on a life of their own? Authors like this really encourage my unhealthy sense of superstition...
I find all of Jimmy Eat World's music stimulating, lovely, sweet, heart-wrenching, and all things music should be; but this... THIS... this... just listen.
What other album still has you rocking out in your car, using an empty Coke can that you just finished guzzling as a microphone (I assure you the acoustics are stunning), ten years after you first listened to and fell in love with it? Without the slightest care what other drivers must think of you?
My lungs are so numb from holding back...

I read Twilight in 2005, when it first came out, before anyone really knew about it. Given to me by a very good friend, I thought it looked creepy, but I had to read 50 books for a class that semester. Not very thoughtful of me since it wasn't my copy, I took it into the tub one day.
Three hours later, I sat shivering in the water that had long gone cold and the bubbles had long dissolved. I could not get out of the bath, and I could not shut that book.
I gave the book to various people, most who became immediately immersed in the story. I gave it to my brother Eddie, who enjoyed the Da Vinci Code quite a bit.
Well, he wouldn't read it. Kimmy, his wife, recently went to the doctor and picked up the copy I gave him. She is a self-professed "non-reader." Ha! Now she is on the third book, Eclipse! Another Twilight fan! And she loves it. She is a Jacob fan, and so is really looking forward to New Moon, and has a t-shirt with a big picture of Jacob on it to wear opening night. She already got us all tickets from her friend who actually rented out a movie theater.

Maggie, my niece, wanted to watch this movie together. I thought it would be dumb.
I should have known better. She has excellent taste. The story and the characters, all children, are so very entertaining. And Afalfa & Darla's love story is almost as captivating as Edward and Bella's.

Please keep in sight what makes you care
You have it always

Jimmy Eat World: Clarity

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