Thursday, April 15, 2010

Report on Vampire Weekend

Why are the horses racing taxis in the winter?

Of course I would never attend a concert where chandeliers were not hung.

There is also a great picture that used to hang in my grandma's basement of a little Harlequin child, dressed in a diamond-patterned costume, that would have gone perfectly with this scene. Maybe next time.

You never know how interactive a band's songs are until you go to their concert. This show was VERY interactive, and thus the energy was exhilarating. There was no division between the stage and the crowd. So fun. I couldn't help but notice that everyone there, except for the especially inebriated, had huge smiles on their faces the whole show. Because their music just makes people happy!

Okay, just to warn you, my filming is worse than the movie Cloverfield. I was trying very hard not to dance while filming, but was not wholly successful. Still, to preserve a small piece of the show, I tried.

Blake's got a new face.


Lyndsay said...

SO FUN! Glad Ju got to go with you! Wish I could have been there. :)

Tiffany M. said...

Wish you could have too!