Tuesday, October 5, 2010

These Are a Few of....

 ...my favorite things.      
I saw these cleaning gloves at Sur La Table. Aren't they fun? I looooove wearing cleaning gloves when I clean. I tend to bonk my hands a lot, so these really save my skin. And let's face it, sometimes, even though we just got a mani, the toilet still needs to be cleaned.

Pink, yellow or green? Or all of the above?

Because if you're like me, even when you're cleaning, you still want to feel like a princess. 
I've been doing this workout for years, and it continues to be my favorite. I love the background music they selected, and how the segments all flow together, and how even though I'm working out, I still feel like I'm "participating in a dance" (Suzanne Farrell). Plus, no one just owns the word "buttocks" like Peter Martins.
This is a symbol of Vintage Orange Soda. My favorite: Trader Joe's. You HAVE to try it.

This make-up brand is fun. My mom brought me home a free sample, and ever since, I have the most fun putting on make up. While I have not yet achieved quite this look with my eye shadow, I still enjoy the results.

This saved my hide! I had such the pimple. I mean, except for being slightly off-center, I looked like I was from India. With a big red dot on my forehead. Except not as pretty.

Originally, I purchased a pair of Ughs as a necessary part of my Princess Leia costume. Silly, I know, but then I wore those things OUT. It is time for a new pair. This year... hmmmm... heels?

I gotta gotta have YOU
~Boston (something about you)

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