Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Banana Tattoos

I had this really great opportunity to be the pioneer in banana art at my library.
This is the kind of opportunity that only comes once in a lifetime!
The project was banana tattoos.
You use a needle to pierce the skin of the banana. The oxidation process turns the banana skin brown where the needle has been inserted.
Of course, you will need a muse. I chose Princess Tutu. Then I found an image of her that I felt would fit the shape of the banana.
To place the image of Princess Tutu on the banana, I used a sewing technique called 'notching'. Basically this means cutting little triangles where the image curves so that it can move with the contours of the shape it is being imposed on.
This was a really fun activity. The oxidation process takes place almost immediately, so you get very fast results. It would make a cute gift or a unexpected treat in a lunch bag.

Here is the link to the brilliant artist who taught me the intricate craft of the banana tattoo:
And have fun with your own banana creations!

“Silas consumed only one food, and it was not bananas.”
Neil Gaiman, The Graveyard Book

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