Sunday, July 27, 2008


In the midst of the publicity and the tragedy surrounding The Dark Knight, it can become a challenge to ascertain the true quality, the true message of the film. What would its lead producers and actors tell us the movie portrayed? Would it be the same message if Heath Ledger were still alive? Or has it changed?
One theme that may be easily spotted is of course order vs. chaos. That Batman worked so diligently to maintain order is a message that it is not always easily done when there are so many forces for anarchy against you.
Maybe the Joker knew he would never fit into a world where there was order. His mind was wildly out of order. He wanted to fit in. If he created chaos, then maybe he would feel at home. It is not always easy to see into the mind of the villain....Bruce Wayne certainly tried without really ever succeeding.
Bravo to Heath Ledger. In the ballet world, there is a term, a quality of dancing called abandon. It is very difficult to achieve and it requires a complete "lack of vanity" (I quote Entertainment Weekly.) One must lose one's self completely in a role so that there is nothing left of you, only the character. I believe that this is what Heath Ledger achieved in his role of the Joker.
Favorite scene from The Dark Knight: the Sky Hook.
Favorite line from The Dark Knight: "You complete me".
Best surprise from The Dark Knight: The fall of the White Knight.
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Lyndsay said...

Ooooooooooo I can't wait to see it!!!!!

Lyndsay said...

Teeefeeee! I LOVED it!