Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Bunnies do not like to be in cages all day. They like to roam and explore.

Here are my two bunnies Theo and Pepper.
They find solace under my bed. Maybe it is like the bunny hole their ancestors lived in. It is dark and enclosed.

Theodore is this bunny's name. He goes by Theo. Theo lives with me in a nice two-story bunny cage.
Theo's talents include a broad mind and a willingness to taste new fruits and vegetables, a very fast paced run around the living room while dodging numerous obstacles, and curiosity (never underestimate this talent!).

Sergeant Pepper is this bunny's name.
He goes by just plain Pepper.
Pepper lives with me.

Pepper's talents include holding very still while you clip his toenails, jumping up onto surfaces you would not think him able to, and chewing on things you would not think were made to be chewed (electrical cords, and he loves wicker furniture).

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Lyndsay said...

The pups could learn a thing or two from Pepper in the toenail department! Cute bunnies!!! I wish they would play with me when I come to see them, however. :)

PS—have you seen the Spiderwick Chronicles? It's pretty good and a little intense (based on the kids' books).