Friday, November 21, 2008

Halloweens, Past and Present

Halloween of the Past

Last year I was Princess Leia. It was a fun costume. Lyndsay went to the fabric store with me and we stayed up sewing half the night. It was, of course, a very good time.
She was Little Red Riding Hood- unfortunately I don't have a picture!
I like this picture because Koda looks like one of Jabba the Hut's little critters. If I remember correctly.
And Wes & Lyndsay's entryway windows really look like doorways to another galaxy. Just waiting to be discovered.........

Halloween of the Present (basically)

This Halloween I was a princess. I had a tiara that wanted to be worn, so that is why.
I am very fond of the Princess Diaries books. I think Meg Cabot is especially entertaining. The main character is Mia, and she has a really funny hairdresser that calls any princess "Principessa".
So who would not want to be a Principessa, just for a day?

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