Sunday, January 11, 2009


This photo reminds me of a joke. Two little girls are sitting under a tree. One says, "I signed up for the summer reading program." The other replies, "God didn't make the sun for you to sit in the library all day." The first remarks, "I didn't know you knew so much about theology."

If you ever need a lesson in lounging, Theo would be the bunny to observe. He's too cute!

Ok, so there are times when I don't make it to ballet class. This is my home bar. My teacher, Alison, likes my back. I like to tie my hair up like the little Russian girls in my ballet book.

Pepper charges the camera as I seek to get a shot of him.

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kristin said...

Tiffany-BMT-My old friend. Jenny Flake passed this along to me! I am so excited to see you and your life. I too blog and would love to send you an invite.
Glad you are doing the romantic interiors.
lOve. Kristin BMK