Wednesday, January 7, 2009


This is me. I really love my haircut. Kimmy is wonderful.

I have to switch libraries due to a mandate set forth by whoever decides these things.

I am going from Civic Center, to Mustang Library.

I will miss Civic Center, and the people there.

This is Anthony: a real Pisces. He's incredibly kind and helpful. He probably would rather not be featured on my blog. (Sorry, Anthony).

This is Christina. She kept me entertained many an evening at CC. She is a complete film expert, as well as a big fan of the Rat Pack. I really love her appreciation of past and present entertainers.

This is Louise. She once greeted me thus:

"You IDIOT! You don't need an umbrella today! Its JUST DRIZZLING!"

You haven't really become part of the crew at CC until Louise calls you an idiot.

You know you're in for sure if she calls you a moron.

More features on Civic Center library employees to come........but for now, I'm off to a new place, where I will miss being called an idiot (unless I get lucky).

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