Saturday, January 3, 2009


My good friends Cristen and Steve from Texas (Lyndsay's parents). They made Christmas this year so nice for me and everyone.

Wes and Lynds put a lovely Christmas on in their cozy home.

There was hot chocolate, music, and lots of lovely ribbons and bows.

Beauteous Lyndsay and her mother.

Have you seen Journey to the Center of the Earth? Its the best movie ever!!!!!! (Next to The Mummy.....same main man.)

Lyndsay sharing some crazy dreams brought on by her many pregnancy hormones!

I made purses for my little friends in Atlanta, Lucy and Esme.

I am so thankful Finn is well.

He was our "Tiny Tim" this Christmas. So sweet, so frail, but full of Christmas joy.

Happy New Year!

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