Sunday, April 26, 2009


Bach's Flower Remedies helped me to part with Libby and Koda. 

The book Simple Abundance encourages the use of a comfort drawer. I put some flower remedies in my Comfort Drawer for emergencies. 

The time certainly arrives when all need a comfort drawer. 

Mine came last week. I learned that my beloved puppies must go to new homes, due to a wonderful opportunity my brother has to go to AFI film school. 

In the words of my nephew Price, "I cried, and I cried, and I cried......" and it was getting ridiculous, so at last I turned to my Comfort Drawer. 

Thank you Simple Abundance! Thank you Bach's Flower Essences! I am still sad, but I am happy that Libby and Koda have been such good friends to me. We have had many good times together. 

Me, Juli, Libby, Koda. The puppies are now installed in happy new homes. I did not handle the parting of the puppies well. 

My brother Wes and his wife Lyndsay are moving to California. 

I am going to miss moments like these. 

Lyndsay (Lynnay) has terrible tension in her shoulders. She carries little ones around a lot. 

I am a great believer in the art of the massage. Most people like to be on the receiving end of the massage. Me, I don't care! I think they are beneficial whether one is massaging or being massaged. 

I was also a folk dancer at BYU. We held hands and danced in circles and sang. It was ideal. I miss the human contact of those days! So, I was rubbing Lynnay's shoulders, and Finn decided he would like to have his shoulder tension relieved also. (Look there's Koda in the background!)

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