Sunday, May 24, 2009

Keepin' it Real part deux (Lynn I hope you don't mind I stole your idea)

Bedtime tea helped me sleep a little before work. I still love my bunnies; they are so sweet. They're just nocturnal. 

Another part of keepin' it real is to CONFESS. Last night I got up for a drink. There were my bunnies. They hate their cage. They grip the wire of their cage door with their teeth and they rattle it..... which is why they fit so perfectly with this blog. So I let them out, because it makes them so happy to run under my bed and nestle in the dark. Only on this night they were strangely active, gnawing on the bedposts and giving new meaning to the words "pitter-patter of little feet." So finally the gnawing got to me but I was too tired to shuffle them back into their cage, so I pulled up the bedskirt and yelled at Theo, "Stop doing that!" Then I felt so bad. I tried to apologize to him, but he was rather offended. 

One of the many good books the library offers. This one in particular is full of excellent remedies and ideas. 

I was inspired by my sister-in-law Lyndsay to "keep it real" which in essence means posting a picture when you are looking "sub par". Unfortunately, Lyndsay still looks quite gorgeous even when she thinks she looks sub par..... 

What in the world is on my face? Well, its yogurt. Not my idea originally, something I picked up in a library book for homemade beauty stuff. I tried it, and the yogurt is in fact cooling and refreshing to the skin; it leaves it soft and purified. It also has a mild bleaching effect on the hair, and gives it body and life. If you want, you can put essential oils in it for scent and other benefits. 

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