Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Eyelet Dresses & Crawdad Fishin

On Mother's Day, I wanted to look pretty for my mommy. So I donned my favorite eyelet dress. I should have known better! 
When I reached my mom's residence, my nieces wanted to go to the ditch and catch crawdads. I was not really dressed appropriately, in fact I had on high heels, but whatever! Adventure calls. 
So we got to the ditch and it was swarming with yellow jacket wasps, and no one wanted to go near the water. I do not know what comes over me in the face of a challenge, but I hiked up my dress and kicked off my shoes and got down in the ditch. Only the concrete was exceedingly hot so my sister, keeping a fair distance from the wasps, threw me her flip flops. 
I did not get stung, and I caught two very tiny baby crawdads for my nieces! It was like digging for gold. But I looked very silly straddling the ditch in borrowed flip flops and and eyelet dress.

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