Monday, May 11, 2009


Lemon and white chocolate.... No, you can't beat this combination.

Maggie with her Swiss Army Knife. She was indispensable in opening up presents. Way to be prepared Mags!

Anytime is a good time for presents.

Pretty party girls!

Theo and Pepper getting in on the action.

A few of my darling nieces and nephews.... Lauren playing DJ. By the way, she did a marvelous job. Much like her aunt, she favors Jimmy Eat World.

Special guest Lucy Rice helped me to decorate my cake. Much to my delight, Lucy was in for Spring Break. After moving to Atlanta, I haven't got to see much of this truly sweet girl.

Part One: The Cake
Lemon Lattice White Chocolate

I do recommend this recipe, courtesy of Bon Appetit.

I had a birthday! Yes oh yes. I am one year older, but I feel....the same. Plus, hanging out with kids and bunnies keeps you young.

Zee birthday gel........getting ready for the big party.

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