Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sexy Packers

I'm bringing sexy back.

You don't get a clear shot when you are on a rocking chair, but you do have fun.

I kept bugging Lynds and Cristen with my rendition of Eminem's "Cleaning out my closet." The only problem was, I only knew like one line of the song..... need to work on my lyrics.

Then, to add to the sexiness, we got into a conversation about pole dancing. (is that how you spell it?)

Ladies, would you like to hear a story? Yes, of course we would.

I was with a friend.... a male friend. We were passing a gym, and he said, "You know, they're offering pole dancing classes there." Perhaps it was a hint.
I got really excited. I was like, "Oh! We used to do that at BYU!"
He was like, "Huh?"
I said, "Yes, where the boys beat the poles on the ground and the girls jump in and out of them. At the end of the dance, I was the girl that got to be lifted up on the circle of poles!"
There was a long pause on his end. Then I ascertained that we were thinking of two different things. Then I blushed.

This really was meant to be a snap of my smile. I just love to bounce Maya. I took a big whiff of her head so I would always remember holding her.

Sultry, sultry..... this is where I get it from.

Is getting splashed while bouncing on a medicine ball while babysitting sexy?

Tippay + Maya Papaya. I think Lynn is a little freaked out that her baby looks exactly like me. I mean, I would be freaked out if I had a baby and she looked exactly like Lynds. Maybe Lynnay and I just shared one too many lemonades from Chik-fil-a.

Buff boys Robbie & Wes heft an organ into the back of a red truck.

Take the chap stick, put it on your lips
Crack a smile, adjust my tie.......

Vampire Weekend

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