Saturday, July 18, 2009

Backyard Ballet, Bougainvillea Maneuvers, & Bad Boy Music

Vision is scary.


It is hot today. Smoking, smoking hot, like the wax I used on Lyndsay's arms; steam is coming off the pavement.
In my backyard, I surveyed the work to be done. What better time to "garden" than the hottest day of the year? I found myself in the middle of an overgrown bush, sawing away at a branch that was too big for my Hedgehog, and do you know what?
I was SMILING. I was listening to Wind It Up, a music mix by my sister-in-law Lynds, made just for me. You just can't listen to "Without Me" by Eminem and not smile. Okay, so he is naughty; I don't care. I only care that he makes me smile while I am sawing at a bush on the hottest day of the year. There are some things that only Eminem can get you through.
I can do ANYTHING with the right music.

Failed party trick! Cracking myself up.

Party trick!
Just bust a move.... I confess, I later lost the warm shirt and did yard work in a bikini top. It was just so hot.
I suppose I was following in the tradition of my mom and her sisters. Legend has it, they used to bale hay on their farm in Ontario,Oregon in nothing but bikinis. They were some pretty girls, too, so I'm sure not a few of the neighbor boys came around to check it out.

I've got great gloves, thanks to my friend Anthony, great music, thanks to Lyndsay, a great garbage can, thanks to the city of Mesa.......
I need goggles!!!!
My hedgehog is an excellent machine. I do a tricky maneuver where I balance on my six foot ladder and slice off the top of my bougainvillea. The ground there is quite sloped, making my ladder a precarious perch. I'm not afraid of falling, but I am afraid of losing a limb. My plan is simple: if I falter or slip, throw the hedgehog as far from my being as possible as I descend to the earth.

You gotta keep your head down, keep working.... good things always happen when you do this.

Arizona football player (I forgot his name!)


Jayme said...

You probably one of the funniest people I know! No lie...I totally can see you busting a move out there. By the way, who doesn't love a little Eminem? My friends think I am crazy, but he is musically talented!

Tiffany M. said...

Truly his gift for articulation is sexy and alluring.