Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bonks & Happy Places

I'm flying high
The white boy flags me down

The Mummy Returns

Look back and watch me smack that

Recently I discovered, through the viewing of Legally Blondes, the concept of a happy place. What is your happy place? When I am feeling unpleasant, due to traffic or an angry library patron, I go to mine.

I am the Snow Queen, dancing in the Nutcracker, plastic shake-up snow is falling all around me, my costume is glittering white, my head sparkles with a pretty tiara and my ears droop with crystal drops.

Or I am Evelyn Conahan, boarding a steamer at Giza Port, Cairo, wearing an English suite, hat, and scarf, on my way to Hamunaptra to find the Book of Amun-Rah, after I have visited Cairo prison to rescue my guide Rick O'Connell from being hanged. (The Mummy)

Or I am Bella, speeding on my motorcycle or jumping off a cliff in an effort to forget Edward. Adrenaline can create a very happy place. (Twilight)

This morning I was rollerskating and thinking about more happy places, because it is a fun mental activity. That is when I skated across a slippery place in the road and went flying in the air. I landed flat on my back.

My first response was shock. In my years of skating, I have never fallen. My second was to look around to see if anyone saw. It can't have been pretty. My hands were black from the street. There was a house nearby with its shutters wide open, but no one came rushing out help me. I lay there for a while because I wanted to make sure nothing was broken.

Maybe I channeled Bella a little too well, because it was quite the adrenaline rush. I made myself skate over the place again so I wouldn't be afraid.

Dancing in plastic shake-up snow
Do you believe in what you want?
Jimmy Eat World

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