Thursday, August 6, 2009

Le Criminals

We look innocent enough, don't we?
This is me & Anthony. He's a good friend from the library, and we've dated, but now we are mostly friends.
I share this photo because there is a pretty good yarn associated with this night.
We set out to go to the movies. On our way, I shared with him the novel I was reading, "The Love Talker." It is based on a legend about a shockingly beautiful man who roams the forest and seduces young ladies, and they mourn after him until they die.
That is when a police officer pulled us over. Anthony's windshield was cracked, and the officer pointed out that his registration was a few days overdue. Then he asked to see MY driver's license! I was like What the ???
So then the officer went back to his dark chamber and I started comparing our situation to this movie I recently saw called The Crucible. I told Anthony how depressing it was because all the good people were in jail and all the corrupt people were in positions of power.
I looked over and he had a look on his face that clearly said, "Maybe you should talk about something else, the stories don't seem to be working out for us too well."
It was depressing to be treated like a criminal over a cracked windshield. He practically hustled us out of the car and searched us. We missed our movie. After my license was restored to me, and I possessively hid it deeply in my purse, I said "I'm taking you somewhere."
Then we went to Chucky Cheese, and had pizza and played games, and our hearts were restored to their former cheerfulness. I told Anthony that I had the song "Tryin to catch me ridin dirty" in my head and couldn't get it out, and he laughed.

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