Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Date

And run through fire I will, for thy sweet sake.

The purse

The shoes

The driver (also my date)

The movie (and our shoes)

The film critic (me)

The hot girl in the leather jacket (Juli)

The Review:
We got our 3-D glasses and entered the theater. Having read a review in the New York Times, I was somewhat prepared for the extreme and vigorous nature of the film.
Poor Juli was not. She was more in a state of shock when we left.
What did surprise me was the ultimate beauty of the film. I knew it was an appealing portrayal of an idealistic society; but the sheer loveliness of it all caught me off guard. It made use of contrast well, of foreign beings in the midst of paradise. And I really loved the music.
Its message was earnest, its viewpoint passionate; so was the rampant evil depicted.
And Jake's Avatar was just so cute.
So yes, I adored the film, although I was shaking from head to toe when it was over. Partly because the theater was cold, but mostly because of the powerful emotions it evoked.

May angels lead you in.
Jimmy Eat World

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