Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Furry Creatures

No, precious creature,
I had rather crack my sinews, break my back,
Than you should such dishonour undergo
While I sit lazy by.

~Shakespeare, The Tempest

Shoe sale @ Nordstroms!

I worked yesterday, and I happen to work near Scottsdale Fashion Square. My sister called me and wanted to meet at the mall. My sister, Juli, hates shopping, so going to the store with her is a novelty. Of course I said yes! I didn't know they were having a shoe sale, but I really did need shoes. I have been tottering around in these sparkly high heels at the library, getting disapproving looks from a few of my more traditional coworkers, and squeals of delight from little girls, because I threw away all my practical shoes in a fit of spring cleaning. You can take it too far. But they were grungy.

So my niece Lauren was pulling of super-high, cheetah print heels to try on her tiny feet, and it was really cute. Then I found this great pair of shoes for the perfect price. Thank goodness for serendipity; when the shoes find you.

So I came home, my feet hurting, because as I mentioned I have been wearing these really high heels for like two weeks in a row. And my garage door was open, and I freaked out. Because I had been gone all day.

It's not that I'm irresponsible. I would never leave my house so unguarded when I was gone all day. I think it had something to do with yet another Texas Sage bush I had managed to stuff in my garbage can that was hindering my door from closing.

The first thing I did was rush in to make sure my kitty was not kidnapped. Okay, so criminals and intruders might not be after my kitty, they might be more interested in my computer or jewelry or something, but all I could think of was my cat. I was so glad when I tripped over her in the darkness. Then I closed my garage, being used to the fact that it closes when I push the button. Then I let Marzipan out into the garage, because she likes to sniff through the vent and see what's going on in the big, bad, real world.

Only my garage door just bounced right up again, on account of the Texas Sage bush stuffed in the garbage can. So Marzipan was out, and I just spent like a whole paycheck having her spayed and shots, and now I feared she was just going to run away. So I'm in high heels, hurting feet, playing soccer with my cat: she is the ball, I'm the goalie. I'm trying to keep her from scoring, or getting out of the open garage. And I just weeded for six hours the previous day, and played "butt wars" on the trampoline with my nieces for two hours, so I was pretty sore as well.

It was pretty interesting. I finally got a hold of that kitty, figured out what was keeping my garage from closing, and went to bed saying "thank you thank you thank you." Because what a day! Bed never feels so good.
Coming home from a tea party, I remembered I was out of bunny food. I went out in the absolute pouring rain to get more. What will we not do for our pets? They are so sweet.

Say... that you'll stay.

~We Are Scientists