Sunday, February 20, 2011

Putting Together Panny's Ride

 Kitty paws on my knees (if you look closely). Pan likes to station herself on my lap just when she knows I have to get ready for work. She stations herself there so long, she leaves paw prints.
I love my kitty. I love how she snuggles up to me at night. I love how she can talk to me with her eyes.

I don't love leaving her behind whenever I go somewhere. Not all the Eskimo kisses in the world make up for her bondage, her total confinement to the indoors because of my fear that she will get run over.

So I went on Amazon to see if there were such a thing as a pet stroller to take her out in. Of course there was. Amazon has everything.

Now Pan has her own ride! We went on two walks today. We are already both feeling most healthy. But putting this stroller together was something else. I was already tired from shopping with my mom. I have never seen anyone shop like my mom. She is like that train in "Unstoppable." I have not her stamina, so I was tired. But the stroller had arrived! But kind of... unassembled.

So I sat down on the ground with the pieces of the stroller, and quickly realized I was on my own. The instructions were missing some vital clues, such as putting the wheels and the brakes together. After several attempts, I grew very angry. I was thinking of a scene from "Can't Buy Me Love" where Patrick Dempsey uses some very colorful language. I played it over and over in my mind, trying to fit this pin into tiny hole in the wheel where I guessed it needed to go, since it was nowhere to be found in the instructions.

After two hours of vicarious cursing and staring at this unfathomable device, I got some pliers and the pin magically slid into place.

I went to the park the next morning with Pan, very enthusiastic. Then I realized that while a kitty in a stroller might be at home in LA, it is somewhat of a novelty in my hometown. So I just had to accept the fact that people were going to mock me. But then there was the question of dogs. We rounded a corner, and two huge dogs were upon us. I braced myself for an attack. And guess what? They walked right on by. They didn't blink, smell Pan, tear open her stroller, or any of the bad things I thought were going to happen.

She's getting used to her walks now, and loves to get fresh air with me. I love it too, because its just funner to share the great outdoors with someone else. Even if it is a furry little bundle in a pink plaid stroller.

"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it."
~ Abraham Lincoln

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Lyndsay said...

The paws on your knees are the cutest thing ever!!