Saturday, February 18, 2012

Princess Fever

Princess dress, in the making, inside-out

Just finished the zipper on Maya's princess dress. I can't tell you how tricky those zippers can be. But- we must never be intimidated by a challenge. 

Last time I was with my niece Maya, she was in her Rapunzel dress 24/7. (Do people still say that?) But it was falling apart. Last I heard, the Rapunzel dress got tossed. 

I get a super big rush out of making things from scratch. In fact I get a little unbalanced about it. It has been a while since I sewed- really sewed something. But Maya, with her delicacy and her love of pink and purple and all things princess- when she is not wearing her grungy Jack Sparrow wig- presented the perfect opportunity to create. And with her 3rd birthday coming up, I decided that yes, it was time for something poofy. And sparkly. And purple. And pink. 

I wish I could capture the sweetness of a dress in the process of creation. I can't really, on camera. There is something about it that is all softness and femininity and just plain old magic. Accuse me of being materialistic if you like- but Cinderella just could not go to the ball in anything less than the perfect dress. Yes? 

Now that the zipper is complete, I do believe it's all downhill from here. But dresses are full of surprises- and they test you, too. It's not finished until the last stitch is sewn. 


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