Monday, September 29, 2014

Little Pizza Challenge

So, it is difficult to find a small recipe for pizza dough. I finally found one on Smitten Kitchen (thank you!) You might be asking yourself, Why is this important? I'll tell you why. Because as every chef knows, a good pizza dough is invaluable. It can save your life. But it has to be proportionate if you are opposed to waste or to leaving excess dough in your fridge to expand and then eventually explode, bursting right through the thin film of plastic meant to contain it. No, I need a small recipe.
Dare I share my recipe here? I think not. If you mean business about your pizza, you will summon the strength you need to search for the recipe yourself.
The second part of this challenge was to create the heart shape. It is novel, it is pretty, I love hearts, whether they are planned or not planned. (An example of a not planned heart is one I saw in Hawaii by my hotel room. The waves from the ocean had carved a heart into a rock. But then again, maybe Mother Nature had that planned all along.)
It turns out making a heart shaped pizza is not so tricky. You just work with the dough a little, which is soft and warm like a kitten, so it is not by any means a chore. Obviously my heart could use some practice and refinement, but you know, this is my first one, and I am happy with it.
And I used tiny, tiny pepperoni, which are really kind of good.
Don't forget the cornmeal on the bottom of your pan. This adds an authentic flair and a rustic, subtle crunch.

Pizza makes me think that anything is possible.

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