Saturday, October 3, 2009

It will come to you, this love of the land. There's no gettin' away from it if you're Irish.
Margaret Mitchell

I think I have some Irish in me. That might explain why I had the sudden impulse to plant things today.

Gardening is a mysterious hobby. There are those who know much about it, but they often guard their knowledge. I have picked up small bits of wisdom, piece by piece. It is really like a quilt, with all its parts sewn together. If I find a man at the nursery sharing some law he goes by with me, I consider myself lucky. I have read on the subject, of course, and learned some things that way too.
The man that helped me at Berridge Nursery says to always plant in odd numbers. This is more aesthetically pleasing, as odd numbers are more balanced in general than even. This applies to pot arranging as well as the number and variety of plants you put in the pots.
Nothing smells better than Jasmine in the evening.
Another gardener taught me that you need to mix in some "well-rotted manure" with your soil. Gross, right? Fortunately, you do not need to have a cow in your back yard. I find a very high quality manure all bagged up neat and tidy at Ace Hardware.

I came upon this shell and thought I killed the snail when I was planting flowers. Its head was all tucked up and its cover looked pretty smashed. I was very sorry and sad until it unfurled its little head and started crawling around. Yeah!

So many worlds, so much to do
So little done, such things to b
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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