Wednesday, February 10, 2010


That does not keep me from having a terrible need of- shall I say the word- religion. Then I go out at night to paint the stars.

~Vincent Van Gogh, in a letter to his brother

The "Feast of Fruits". Recently I discovered Greek yogurt. It has an amazing texture and flavor. To make an easy fruit dip, I just add some preserves such as apricot or blackberry, vanilla, brown sugar, and honey. It is an essential accompaniment to the Feast of Fruits (or... a fun name for I need to eat better.)
Little Pan got her first shots today. When we got home, she was hungry from all the trauma. Here is where she dines. My mom and me found this tray at an antique store. Tres Shabby Chic!
Kitty watching me type.

I am reading the most wonderful book called "A Natural History of the Senses" by Diane Ackerman. She includes some of the most beautiful quotes. Here is an example about Beethoven:
"When he wrote Gloria, he underwent a volcanic, shriek-to-the-heavens joy, but instead of dancing around in delight, he felt the need to convert it into a permanent, stored-up, transportable, and reproducible form of energy... a musical shout for joy, as it were, that all the world might hear, and still hear over and over again after he was dead and gone.
"The notes he jotted down only ever were and only ever will be a command from Beethoven to blow his eternal shout for joy, together with a set of instructions... exactly how to do so."

Anyways, it is an amazing book.

Now that it is February, let us remember those tragic, but inspiring lovers, Tristan and Isolde:

...a tale of endless yearning, longing, the bliss and wretchedness of love; world, power, fame, honour, chivalry, loyalty, and friendship all blown away like an unsubstantial dream; one thing alone left living- longing, longing, unquenchable, a yearning, a hunger, an anguishing forever renewing itself; one sole redemption- death, surcease, a sleep without awakening.

~Wagner on his "Tristan und Isolde"

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